Benefits of liquid glass for protection of the bodywork

liquid glass for car

The latest trend from manufacturers polishes – liquid glass for car. A material with this name is known for about two centuries. Most often it is an aqueous alkaline solution of potassium or sodium. It has excellent adhesive properties and is not waterproof, so they are most often used in construction for insulation. But for the protection of the car body cars use a different chemical composition. It's silica, which is used to make a synthetic crystal.

Japanese innovation

Push-the use of this material for the production of polishes gave Japan. Just there first began to use water glass as a protective cover to the body of the car. It happened in 2008 and gradually got to us. This protection is gaining more and more popularity thanks to the fact that holding on to the surface of the car an unusually long time. Developers talk about two-three years of reliable operation, but the domestic car dealerships reduce these data to the year, with reference to the special weather conditions and the quality of roads, in which water glass will wear out faster.

After a couple-three years of operation of the coating (LKP) the car begins to demand greater protection. On it appears the chips, scratches, splitting up and scuffed. Eventually begins to lose the appearance. To help come various polishes, which are most often made from wax, silicones, and various polymers. They return the vehicle the appearance, but this effect takes a long time, so the procedure should be repeated again and again. Application of liquid glass for applying a protective coating eliminates this problem. New technology has radically changed the function of the car – now his body can be protected for the long haul. Many interested in the question of where to take this miracle cure and it is possible to plant with your own hands, or it is necessary to visit car service.

Japan – a clear leader in the protection of the bodywork of the car from the effects of the environment. In large part it is they serve as a benchmark for the branding of other manufacturers. Japan has managed to create an excellent means for care of the car, the equivalent of which in modern practice is not available. Liquid glass applied to the body of the car has the following features:

  • high strength and great performance source;
  • mud - and water-repellent effect;
  • does not have the abrasive properties;
  • retains the original color of the bodywork and adds mirror shine.

No restrictions for use of this insurance on the body of the car with his own hands, there is, to see it with you looking at the video.

Trim polishes

Set the rinse aid includes everything you need. No special tools for applying the cover on the body with your own hands, you need.

In the composition of the file, which you can buy, and if not, then to order, specify:

  • the basic composition and curing agent;
  • dropper for their mixing;
  • napkin for polishing a car body with his hands;
  • protective gloves;
  • sponge and towels.

It is important that the kit is accompanied by instructions, made in Russian. But as a famous proverb says – it is better to see once than hear a hundred times, and so look at the video on how to carpet is applied to the body in fact does not hurt.

Preparing to use

Prior to the processing of the car it is necessary to prepare well, and this:

  • well purify from the dirt;
  • carefully wash;
  • degrease and dry.
Preparing to use

If I Polish, then it must be removed. Unsuitable for the preparation of the body non-standard alcohols or products that contain silicone.

It is very important that between the colors of the plated and applied liquid glass was middleware, which may impair adhesion.

The temperature in carrying out the work must be in the range of from +10 °C to +40 °With. Therefore, if work is taking place in the winter, the garage must be heated. It is not allowed applying the liquid glass on the heated surface, so the car must before long become out in the sun. In practice, the complete processing of the body takes from 3 to 4 hours.

Phase of the work

General rules when working with liquid glass are. Protection LKP body is sprayed in place, protected from sun, moisture and dust. Well-washed the garage for these purposes, very suitable. Before that, how with his own hands, is completely process the entire surface of the body, it is better to choose a small plot of land and try out a cure for it. Just before you start the work is worth it to take another look at the video to remember the sequence, the basic steps and techniques work.

After application of the liquid glass on the bodywork, the car should be let to dry, at least six hours to complete the liaison with the LKP. The process of final stabilization of the structure of the material, not long enough, so the next week on the vehicle is prohibited washing of the chemically active means.

A very important point in the application of the protection of the body is the stage of carrying out the work. If you carefully watch the video, as is done with your own hands, you will notice that every detail is handled separately. It has to do with the fact that the composition to rapidly harden and the larger the size of the LKP body can simply don't have the time to grind. If the material harden, then remove it would be very difficult.

It is necessary to pay attention to, is that the products are produced in two versions: for light and for dark machines, therefore, it is better to buy or order a drug that is suitable for color.

According to the manufacturer, Polish Wilson, Japan will last in the face of the metropolis in 50 visits to the car wash, that is certainly an excellent result. Even if you discount the excellent weather conditions and divide this number by two, then the result will be even more impressive.

The obtained effect

The obtained effect

Liquid glass for car, certainly the best to date tool for paint protection. And a leader in this field is Japan. The effect of the use of resources, particularly visual, if you look at the video, how looks the work with the body of the car before and after application cover with his own hands. After the work implement, the machine looks great, like it just rolled off the assembly line. Talk about numerous reviews from those who have had the time to try this type of polishes.

Now the body does not have to worry about the dirt, because as a result of processing will be to her, because of the unreceptive, and it stops sticking to the colors of the cover. Due to the small amount of water in the bottle will be enough to completely adjust the appearance of the body after a long travel on dirty roads. Also changes the behavior of the car in the rain. With her practically disappear completely dirty divorces, are present in abundance from the falling drops in the standard processing of the bodywork.

The value of the indicators for

The price of this instrument for the protection of the bodywork of the vehicle substantially higher than for standard polishes, but with regard to the duration of the operation and other advantages, can be considered acceptable. The tool does not require an additional tool, which allows you to save on it. But it should be borne in mind that the surface of the bodywork before using it must be cleaned with special care. This means that you will have to consider the cost and these works, which require the purchase of additional materials. If we assume that Japan – a leader in the manufacture of tools for the car, then for deep cleaning have to buy another clay. On the Internet you can find reviews on the joint use of these resources, photos and videos and are quite optimistic.