Washing machine with wax: types of wax and how to wash with him in the car?

In the above article discusses about the function and types of wax, the technology of applying it on the machine.

cover car wax

The function of the wax cleansers

The wax serves to protect the paint-the car from the influence of external factors. Form a protective film, the preservation of the body of machines from small defects in the form of scratches and cracks. If the time of the processing of the lacquer is damaged, the wax covers minor defects, prevent penetration in them of water, salt and other chemically active substances that act on unprotected metal, to cause the defeat of its corrosion, or removes. In other words, the wax can be considered as an additional measure to protect the car from rust. In addition, it provides protection against uv radiation.

In addition, the wax several improves the appearance, giving the paint coverage more shine. Provides fast run-off of water from the car, this eliminates the possibility of education of the spots on the extent of drying drops. This makes this carpet greatly simplifies the task of cleaning the body and increases the interval between washes.

Types of wax

There are three classification of wax for the car.

One of them is based on the properties of the substance. In accordance with it shall be issued the following types of wax:

  • in the form of a spray;
  • liquid;
  • solid;
  • synthetic.

Spray considered to be the least attractive option. This is due to its low resistance. Such a wax washed off from the body of the machine for a couple of siphons. Therefore, the use of this cover will have to perform very often, although this process is simple.

Liquid wax is more durable in comparison with the considered above type. Processing technology of the machine consists in applying a substance to washed the body and its friction.

Hard wax is different from the described species by applied to the dry surface. The process of creating such a cover requires a lot of time. While it is stable enough and lasts 3-4 months.

Synthetic wax the most stable, with such insurance lasts until the half of the year. When it is just sprayed, so the way it is presented in liquid form.

Another classification of wax for the car is based on the technology of applying. It includes the following types:

  • cool;
  • hot;
  • foamy.

Cold wax is a liquid which contains in a large amount of cationic surfactants and an emulsion of wax. The use of such coatings are carried out manually. The disadvantage of this material is low durability. For the conservation effect it is necessary to repeat the process of applying the coating after each wash.

Hot wax is represented by the substance is artificial or of natural origin. The temperature of its melting point is approximately 90º. This is due to the fact that it is completely transparent, different high melting temperature and great wear resistance. This material retains the properties already from half a year to a year. Many substances of that type are in the composition of the corrosion inhibitors.

The technology of applying hot wax consists in the breeding of his hot water and polishing with a sponge or cloth. The disadvantage is the higher price.

Foamy wax characteristics similar to hot, but the difference is in the technology of applying. The creation of the cover effected manually, as this process involves the use of special equipment. It is necessary to create a foam emulsion by that the air supply to the mixture of wax and composition of the water. The use of such complex technology is supported by a high degree of adhesion of the foam emulsion with a working surface and a single of her polished.

Another classification of waxes is based on the origin. On this criterion examines the materials divided into the following types:

  • synthetic;
  • mineral;
  • animals (similar);
  • plant.

It should be noted that the characteristics of the data types of the waxes of the same, so this character is rarely taken into account when choosing.

Choose a wax it is necessary with regard to the price, because the cheap options faster lose their original properties.

Solid and liquid materials processed are usually new cars under the age of 5 years. For older machines apply abrasives, waxes and polishes. The difference between wax and Polish lies in the fact that the first material forms on the surface of the body an additional protective layer, while the Polish improves the external features by removing the top layer of paint. Wax containing abrasives, it has the same principle of operation, what and Polish. Therefore, when choosing a wax for the machine you have to take into account this parameter. Abrasive options should apply to cars that have some paint defects, for example in the form of scratches or burnt color. It is necessary to take into account that the abrasive components will vary according to the degree of hardness. The most solid options in appearance and to the touch they resemble grains of sand.

On new vehicles, without defects of the coating, it is necessary to take advantage of the possibilities of wax, does not contain any abrasive components.


As already mentioned, manually it is possible to make application of all types of waxes, with the exception of the foam. In any case, before the formation of the coating it is necessary to cleanse the body from impurities by washing. Wash need in a contactless manner.

You cannot perform the processing of the wax in the sun. Pre-need to carefully shake the composition. Own processing machines liquid wax consists in applying it on not dried after washing the surface of the body and the friction of the paper towel or cloth.

It should be noted that often the liquid wax is included in the price washing, or is offered as an additional service at low cost. However, the appropriateness of the use of this material is questionable, because this service increases the cost of the washing and at the same time for the preservation of the effect it is necessary to repeat this action every time. This explains the low price car wash this wax, which is 1-2 dollar.

the car with the wax

Processing body hard wax in the dishwasher is estimated to range from 12 to 250 dollars. Such a difference in price in comparison with liquid wax explains the complicated technology of applying. The same materials have a high value, which can reach up to 500 dollars for a jar of hard wax.

It should be noted that the liquid wax and the options in the form of a spray frequent significantly more extensive compared with the fixed and artificial. This is mainly due to the high cost of work on the preparation of the last on the body of the car. Naturally, such a wax is not available for universal use. Usually it use for expensive car in order to save them from damage the paint. Manipulation with this wax, the car on their own is also rarely used, due to the complexity of this process. Washing a car shampoo containing wax, or apply a liquid material, naturally, much easier.


Listed below are some tips on how to wash your car.

  • Washing should be hot water mixed with shampoo in one jar and plain water in another.
  • You need to wash in one direction — from the top down.
  • To increase the efficiency of cleaning the body in the process of washing should be washed with a glove of sheep skin, because it is more effective way of cleaning in comparison with usually used for this purpose, a variety of sponges of different colors.
  • The bodywork and the wheels is suitable to wash various sponges of different colors.
  • Unwanted car wash means on the basis of silicon, as well as containing alkaline or acidic.