Experience with the use of Silane Guard

This story told us Antonio from Bergamo (Italia). The man said about how liquid glass Silane Guard helps preserve the appearance of the cars in his family.

Experience with the use of Silane Guard

Decided with his wife to buy a car. My rights were, but I'd have to go to learn. Tried to persuade her to not get a driver's license, but she still wanted to. She said she always wanted to be behind the wheel and I'm sure it will all work out. I didn't want to spoil the relationship with her and show that I very much doubt in her abilities, and so I decided to let go to try, may be by itself will change your mind.

No you think I'm a tyrant, or live the stereotypes that a woman behind the wheel – it's bad, just in my скепсиса were very serious reasons. Firstly, the woman is a man of very scattered, it cannot long concentrate on anything. And how at the same time watch a few classes, it's not even the point. It means to pursue expensive, at the same time, pay attention to the side and rear of the mirror, remember the pedals and gear her, that would be very difficult. Yeah, and with глазомером with her, frankly, problems. If the kitchen in her not always able to determine on the eye some things, then relieve with the distance and size of the machine to her, it would be very difficult. And so that is completely focused on the location, I'm nothing at all.

In general, all hope was on it, that's just not the deposits of the test. First this happened: to take it a couple of times, and in a certain again she just luck – it's acquired the rights. From this moment, my quiet life ended. Then her car won't start, then there is no riding, then it is not yet mixed into the gate, then the trolley from the supermarket will turn a daughter. In general, that her calls began to induce in me anxiety even before I held the handset. Starting a conversation is always the same: "Please, darling, here is the solution..." and then it was something like "I even thought that these branches so close" or "the baby just wanted to show you, and overall, there was a little scratch".

Silane Guard – an excellent remedy for the protection of the bodywork of the car

When on the car, where I исправлял all its "randomness", to me здоровались by name, I realized that I needed to change something. Boys are advised to use water glass Silane Guard. In general, he bought her a car class пониже, master auto service, covered by the body of the 4 layers Silane Guardand now no problems: even if the key on the wing conducted randomly, even when the child on the bike облокотил on the car, even on parking lot a little bit of calculated space – on the paint, no scratches.

In addition, that Silane Guard protects the bodywork from scratches, he also gives a well-maintained appearance of the machine. It's like just from the interior or after a professional car wash. What glitters, переливается, and dirt from her соскальзывает. The guys in the car said that in addition to the composition of the liquid glass well protects the metal against corrosion, it is a machine will serve longer. Then I decided to and himself to cover the machine, but looking at the price of the bottle Silane Guard and compare it to what costs to charge the car, I decided that alone справлюсь.

Bought Silane Guard and discussed itself – any problems and questions appeared. The process is quite simple, and with this job he would have done even a teenager. In general, I'll also do carpet yourself: once the effect is over, again I'll buy Silane Guard. Up to the year of the horse, and the water glass is not yet стерлось. I am very satisfied. And yet перечесть, how many friends and colleagues asked me how often I полирую car, and found that it is not полироль, and complete protection. And all, without exception, the owners of the cars, which I advised water glass, pleased with the result. So I advise all drivers to take care of their four-wheeled friend, prolonging their youth and preserve the original appearance by using the Silane Guard.