Reviews Silane Guard

  • Weronika
    Silane Guard – a great thing. Bought, покрыла hull and engine in perfect condition. Already the first year of use. Dirt and dust does not accumulate, the car wash is very simple, and now not so terrible, when the kids are around him are playing. No scratches, still remains, and chemicals in the winter have no effect on the body, rust will appear – in general, some pluses. I advise to try! After all, better to prevent a problem, than then to pay the repair.
  • Michał
    Noticed that machine glitters as something special. And a week with me driving, and nothing changes, well just after washing – rubbing something. He decided to ask, he said, he bought the liquid glass silane guard. It turns out that it is not only aesthetics, but also protection against damage, as well as in my wife amateur accidentally hook a cart from the supermarket or the key accidentally spend on the bodywork, decided to and himself is a drug buy.
  • Paulina
    I'm your "ласточку" to wash often катаю, so how is it like, if it looks as well as I do. Employee services, designed to cover the body with liquid glass silane guard – is it even saving money, and the result is long-term. Well, I agreed, now is not the нарадуюсь, which not only shimmers, but also less, sullying, and not terrible to scratch.
  • Marek
    We have in the family two cars, so he decided to at least wash and ride constantly to grind the scratches, better to cover with liquid glass silane guard. One bottle enough for both machines. Наносил alone, complications with that they didn't have any. Now it's not so terrible to ride in any weather. Or mud, or moisture are not scary. In addition, since the chemicals, which in winter cleans road carpet, silane guard also protects perfectly.
  • Michał
    When the wife calls me, and starts talking guilty voice, I immediately spoil the mood, because I know that it is either not mixed in the garage, either did not notice the neighboring car in the parking lot, then in the bush въехала. In general, I was a frequent guest in the car, with me there, and it is recommended to cover the machine with liquid glass silane guard. So now I'm sorrow I don't know. I think I do, but purely for aesthetic purposes.
Reviews Silane Guard